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HUSQVARNA Outdoor Products is committed to maintaining a premium brand and to ensuring that HUSQVARNA branded products are distributed appropriately to customers. As such, all HUSQVARNA branded products must be fully assembled, pre-delivery inspected and tested prior to being handed over to customers. Any HUSQVARNA branded products that are purchased online must be collected by the customer from the relevant dealer or be delivered to the customer by the relevant dealer.  We are very proud to be main agents for the HUSQVARNA range of equipment. To the majority of people working in forestry , estates, farms or small holdings the name HUSQVARNA means reliable equipment at a reasonable cost that will keep going year after year. One of the problems with the recession is people are price conscious but do not be fooled into buying something that LOOKS like a HUSQVARNA the plastic on the outside can look very smart but its what is under it that counts.

Over the last 20 years we have seen a lot of changes some good some bad but as most dealers will tell you Husqvarna have just got better and better, not just the range of saws but their ability to have the spare parts with you within 24 hours  not like the 2 weeks we sometimes waited for a well known german company.

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This machine is similar to the Husqvarna 317 above although it has a 300 watt advantage which helps power the 16 inch bar. All the design and safety  features are the same.

£172.49 exc VAT
(£206.99 inc VAT)
ID: HU04 HUSQVARNA 135 14 inch 34.4cc
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This is the NEW starter model in the Husqvarna range ideal for the hobby user. The saw has Smart Start, fuel pump, combined choke/stop control, chain tensioner, low vibration, air injection, X-torq  and a inertia activated chain brake.

£187.49 exc VAT
(£224.99 inc VAT)
ID: HU05 HUSQVARNA 140 15inch 40.9cc
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This NEW chainsaw has the same features as the Husqvarna 236 but this "E" version also has the E-tech fuel efficient engine with lower emmisions, plus the tool-less chain adjuster, THIS IS SIMILAR TO A BIG WINGNUT WHICH YOU TURN TO LOOSEN THE BAR THEN A KNURLED KNOB ROTATES TO ADJUST THE CHAIN.  Cutting firewood and other lighter, domestic cutting shouldn,t mean you have to settle for an inferior chainsaw. These models deliver outstanding cutting performance with light weight easy handling and great technological features, no matter the job and no matter how often you use them.

£224.99 exc VAT
(£269.99 inc VAT)
ID: HU07 HUSQVARNA 435 15inch 40.9cc
Image 1

The Husqvarna 435 is an all round chainsaw for home-owner and land-owner they are robust all-round models. Use it once a day or once a month it will start and have the power you need. Features include Smart Start, X-TORQ, Combined stop/choke control, starting reminder, tool less chain tensioner, snap-lock cylinder cover, visible fuel level, low vibration and air injection.



£277.49 exc VAT
(£332.99 inc VAT)
ID: HU08 HUSQVARNA 435e 15inch 40cc
Image 1

This Huqvarna saw has the same specifications as the 435 above but also the E-TEC and the easy tool-less chain adjuster. The chainsaw is ideal for farmers smallholders and others who are not using a chainsaw every day.

£299.99 exc VAT
(£359.99 inc VAT)
ID: HU09 HUSQVARNA 440e 15 inch 41cc
Image 1

Again a ideal saw for farmers weighing in at 4.4kg and delivering 1.8kw of power which has the "E" version tool-less chain adjuster. This saw can also take a 18 inch bar but we tend to sell it with the 15 inch.

£341.24 exc VAT
(£409.49 inc VAT)
ID: HU10 HUSQVARNA 445e 18 inch 45.7cc
Image 1

This is another chainsaw ideally suited to the farmer or smallholder. With its 2.8hp engine delivering 2.1kw and an 18 inch bar it can be used for felling and cutting up medium sized trees. This saw is fitted with the "E" tool-less chain adjuster.

£382.49 exc VAT
(£458.99 inc VAT)
ID: HU12 HUSQVARNA 450e 18 inch 50.2cc
Image 1

This landowners saw is 2.4kw or 3.2hp it weighs in at 5.1kg and excepts bars from 13" -18". Features include easy starting, comfortable handling, the "E" tool-less chain adjuster, and ideal balance making the job much easier and safer.

£434.99 exc VAT
(£521.99 inc VAT)
ID: HU13 HUSQVARNA 455 RANCHER 18 inch 55.5cc
Image 1

This 2.6kw- 3.5hp model weighing in at 5.8kg is a  very popular saw that is at home felling trees,  cutting them up, or many other jobs around the farm or estate.

£468.74 exc VAT
(£562.49 inc VAT)
ID: HU14 HUSQVARNA 545 18" 50.1cc

This model is ideal for demanding contractor or estate and with its powerful 50.1cc has ample power for fellling and cutting up of  trees. Featuring X-torq and AutoTune, Smart Start and a low slender body.

£472.49 exc VAT
(£566.99 inc VAT)